Thursday, January 15, 2009

You can tell when people are really your friends or not. I am just too afraid to admit that I don't like you.

My best friend fights with me literally every day. Twice at the least, and once if it's a really good day.
I don't even know if she's worth all of it. She is completely different at school. When we're at each other's homes, she is fine. But when at school, UGH.

So I ask for one problem on our vocabulary book over the phone 3 minutes ago.
Then she realizes she got ALL of it wrong and blames me. For her mistake. And asks for all the answers. how do I get out of it? I tell her to call another friend.
She "doesn't know her home"
I give it to her.
She texts me back saying "her cell is off and her house is busy."
I don't respond. because I lied saying I was asleep. I am not helping you for the thousandth time. And you take credit. And her phrase is always
"but you never...."
"but you always...."
every freaking day. And honestly, I am FED UP. She can be really cool sometimes. But at other times, she is a whiny b*tch. And I've said it to her face.

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