Monday, January 12, 2009

Why do people enjoy sending negative energy?

This bugs me terribly. Being in middle school, this happens a lot. I am sad to say that I've had friends who insult you all the time, but they still rely on you to have their homework done, remind them, and help them out. And then one day came, and I did something.
I told them to shut up.

boy, did I feel good. :D

I had a friend. Let's call this friend "Annie." I won't say his/her gender, but I'll put it as a she.

So Annie and I were walking to a class. Annie decided to send negative energy.
"Why are you wearing nurses shoes?" to describe my white keds.
"Because I like nurse shoes."
"I think they're ugly."
"Oh, okay. Whatever floats your boat..I guess."
That didn't hurt me. But if I was more sensitive or this conversation happened when we were in first grade, I probably would have been hurt.

All that happens when you send negative energy is that it makes you look like a jerk.
You really think I don't have any nasty comebacks for what you say?
Sure, I do. I have a whole list of comebacks that will make you shudder, cry, get angry or even leave me alone for life. But I'm not going to give them, because it's not nice.

One thing I learned in middle school is that you have to have a spine. If you don't have one, good luck. because you're seriously going to get chewed up and spat on the ground.


Another thing I don't like is that popular kids think they have the ability to put someone down because they are "higher in rank."
Another example?
Glad you asked.
A real life experience?
Even better.

Let's say I'm talking to..."Jill." Jill is a really popular kid who I don't like and barely talk to because she's mean.
Jill walks by me while I'm sitting and walks into me.
"Oh look! It's Serena!"
(I look up at her thinking that she gave a really crappy insult)
"I'm just kidding, soraya."

Seriously. I know you know my name isn't Serena. I've heard you say my name for the past semester when we've had 3 classes together.

It's crude, it's rude and your targets can give a comeback if you really want one.

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