Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't bother people - you might need them later on.

Yes, this happened to me.

So this guy who is extremely annoying came up to me during lunch.
"Hey, Soraya...where are you going?"
"I walk this way so I can walk with Lisa. But I already missed her."
"Can you please do me a favor?"
"Excuse me?"
"Yeah. Please?"
"What is it?"
"Can you go to Ms. P's with me to play a board game? If you play, you get extra credit, and I'm at 88% in my grade. It will take five minutes, I swear."
"Okay. But, you can never be annoying again."
"You know I was just messing with you, right?"
So the game takes about 15 minutes of my valuable lunch time.

You know, if that was someone else, they could have laughed at his face?
But I didn't. Because I'm nice. I believe that he will be nicer, too, but even if he doesn't, I won't care. The reason for that is because it shows him that I am the bigger person.

I felt good about that. And my grade was on the borderline, too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oooh. You just got dissed. Ooh. You're pissed. Oooh. You think it's okay to diss someone.

I think I stress this out way too much.

So I know "Stu."
He makes fun of people. He laughs at people.
Then when I'm around and I make fun of him, he gets all angry saying it's mean.
Stu says that I shouldn't be mean. But he's mean to others.

So I hear from "Madison" that he made fun of her. And called her a loser.
And that makes me mad. Especially since Madison is my friend. And I though Stu was my friend too. But I don't like jerks.

Stu changes. He calls people names. And he is cool, in his group. His tightly knit group. But he is vulnerable in the real world; where everyone is mean.

You don't know how bad it hurts, do you?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pessimists are so annoying when they complain about their "horrible lives"

We all know at least one pessimist.
Just having them makes me hate my life. I don't know about you, though. A frown always makes me frown. Unless it's someone I really don't like. Then I smile xD
Living is a privilege. If you are reading this, you are very lucky whether you realize it or not. Yes, there may a problem we all have here or there. Whether it's our weight, our looks, the way we act, ect..but in the end, there are some kids in Africa with no food. Or the kids in Gaza who got bombed.

I hate it when people complain that they didn't get something they wanted.
"I didn't get a Tiffany bracelet for my birthday!"
Like, seriously. The world isn't going to going to end because you didn't get what you wanted.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please don't act stupid. Being stupid is really annoying, but acting stupid makes you stupider. Unless you're going for that reputation.

I have friends who actually go out of their way and try to act stupid, dumb, ect. I don't know if people think it's funny or cute, but to my opinion, it's just...stupid. Most people think it's stupid too. From experience.
Cate repeats everything I say in question form. (I'm in pink, she is in blue and another friend in red)
"Hey. Do you know why this is on the table?"
"No. Sorry."
"Just wondering, why is this on the table?"

You have no idea how annoying it is when people act like that, unless you know someone who does.

I have another friend who "cries" during the "sad" parts of movies.
She like shows off that she's crying to the whole class, with like one tear. And then I wipe of the real tear I had from watching that scene, to not be associated with that immaturity.

You know what's worse?
When they laugh after I get mad at them for acting stupid. It's not funny to me! Why are you laughing? Does this amuse you? Am I a clown?
Don't answer the last question.

And you know what's even worse?
When they complain about me complaining about them acting stupid and they claim that they aren't.

I feel much better now.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I never realized how many people are hypocrites without even knowing it.

Let's say you are sorta friends with..Jackie.
You hang out sometimes during lunch and you have known each other since 4th grade.
Your birthday is coming in 2 weeks and you send out invites. You invited about 15 people and Jackie is not one of those people because you're not as close to her.
A month later, her birthday comes up. And it's like one of those big parties, like a quinceniera, Bat/r Mitzvah, random party or Sweet Sixteen. And you don't get invited. but she invites people she talks to less than you.
Do you think it was fair?

After talking to my friend about how we didn't get invited but a lot of random people were, my friend kinda got pissed off.
I told her that she didn't invite the Jackie to her party. but she still gets angry.

And you shouldn't get angry, because you didn't invite her.
"But we hang out!"
She could have thought that when you didn't invite her.

okay. I think the anger is gone now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"OH MY FREAKING GOD! I LOVE EDWARD!" Oh my god. I don't care.

I don't understand this whole Twilight phenomenon and why people are obsessing over it.

Am I the only person who saw the handmade Twilight shirts on the day of the movie's release?
I have read the first three books [by force] and I was not really hooked. And I don't like it when former lovers of the novel say they hate it now. It really confuses me.
I have also seen the Twilight movie and I personally liked it better than the book. People are insulting the movie even though they bothered to watch it.
"But I just wanted to watch it to prove it sucked."
If it sucked so badly, why did you go through the whole movie?

People are setting their wallpapers to the cast, screensavers as the cover, people are into Muse all of a sudden because it happens to be Stephenie Meyer's favorite group.

Dude. Seriously. It's a waste of time to obsess over it.

Once you hit your twenties, you will be ashamed of these years. Just sayin'

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some people make a huge deal out of everything. It annoys me.

I got a reaaaaaaaally cute top from Urban today ;D
sorry. Had to say that.

I don't like it when people marvel about something they got. Especially when it's all the time.
I have a friend who we will call Bill. Bill shows off about everything he gets. Everything.
Here's how one of our conversations went when I got fed up (Bill is in blue):
"Oh my god. Soraya, I got this awesome new phone."
"It's the enV 2. It's a lot cooler than yours."
"That's great. I like mine still."
"Yeah. But mine is cooler."

To make matters worse, he talks about his "awesome" phone all the time. All the freaking time. And every day, he compares mine with his and asks people which one is better.

I'm winning.
Please don't show off your stuff. It's not like we don't care, it's just that we don't like hearing it all the time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You can tell when people are really your friends or not. I am just too afraid to admit that I don't like you.

My best friend fights with me literally every day. Twice at the least, and once if it's a really good day.
I don't even know if she's worth all of it. She is completely different at school. When we're at each other's homes, she is fine. But when at school, UGH.

So I ask for one problem on our vocabulary book over the phone 3 minutes ago.
Then she realizes she got ALL of it wrong and blames me. For her mistake. And asks for all the answers. how do I get out of it? I tell her to call another friend.
She "doesn't know her home"
I give it to her.
She texts me back saying "her cell is off and her house is busy."
I don't respond. because I lied saying I was asleep. I am not helping you for the thousandth time. And you take credit. And her phrase is always
"but you never...."
"but you always...."
every freaking day. And honestly, I am FED UP. She can be really cool sometimes. But at other times, she is a whiny b*tch. And I've said it to her face.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't see why people say things about me behind my back, yet they don't have the guts to say it to my face.

Experience from 6th grade.

People these days are jerks. We all know this. But if they hate us so much, I don't know why they don't insult us in person. Are you trying to be polite?
Then it all doesn't make sense.
If you hate me, don't be polite or anything by saying something behind my back.
Oh, so you are afraid to see how I react?
Don't worry. I would find out either way.

Let's talk about...Betty.
Me and Betty used to be friends in the beginning of sixth grade. She even bought me a birthday gift when she barely knew me. then we went to a sixth grade camp and she changed.
For the worse.

So one day in English last year, Betty was talking about me.
"Soraya was totally a b*tch in camp because she wouldn't let me borrow her converse."
I DID let her borrow them. And then I realized that she's ruining my stuff.
So when I heard my name, I walked politely towards them.

"What did you just say about me?"
The guy she was talking to tells me in front of her.
I heard a "noo" quietly.
She seriously thought I was going to get pissed off? I am more angry that she told me behind my back rather than to my face.

Case in point:
Don't be afraid.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I do not know what pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis means. Don't use it in a sentence while talking to me.

ugh. This bothers me. Why do some people like to use these huge words that no one but whomever is speaking would comprehend unless they happen to have a copy of the Miriam-Webster pocket dictionary?
I'm thirteen. I am smart for my age. But I'm not smart enough to know some words. I have heard other thirteen year olds and twelve year olds give me these words that I never heard of.
guess what I did after hearing that sentence?
I went online to Miriam-Webster and searched the word.
You know when someone uses those words you don't understand, and you go all like "yeah" or "I know"
If you don't, never mind. But I do. Or I ask what the word means.

I don't know why people want to make it so complicated! I just want to know what their saying. I am interested in your conversation, until you start confusing me with all these big words only a college professor would know.
In case you didn't notice, I am not a college professor.

For example, when typing my title, I wanted to search the longest word in the english language that also appears in the dictionary.
When Wiking it...
things got all complicating. Don't believe me? Click here and you will wonder why there is a huge article on it. I know I did.
That's why Wikipedia freaks me out.

Stick to the ten letter words [as a maximum.] Please.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I don't get why people don't like stereotypes.

Don't get mad.
I love stereotyping things. It makes life so much easier. Instead of saying that kid, I can say that "emo looking kid," or that "nerd"

You know you use them.
Face it.

It gives you an impression of how that person is going to behave. sure, some people are different and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. But in reality, we all do. Whether it's in our heads or out loud. But really, 95% of the time, people usually act how they dress. The 5% is too small to care about.
I personally stereotype in my head. sorry. I had to say that.

It's really hypocritical when you say you don't. Your head is in control. It's life.

And the people who usually don't like stereotypes are the people who think they're "emo, scene, ect"

How are you supposed to describe people!?
It's not like we're going to start calling people, Bob, or Bobert...and I don't know how it sounds familiar to you, ;)
I do that. A lot. But I also stereotype.

And you know what?
I'm proud.

There is nothing classy about showing off your wealth.

It's really pathetic.

Go to New York. You're going to see a ton of people with Chanel double C earrings, LV logo bags, and Coach print shoes.
They're all fake.
I bet you. Because 5 minutes ago, they were at vendor #5407 on 7th Ave selling all those fakes claiming they're real.

Go to a suburban city. Or a state that is very unpopular.
Go to...Wisconsin.
If you see that, it's real.
But it's trashy.
And a teenager is probably wearing it. People think these days that it's cool to have all these things with a logo. That shows off their "money." And especially when they talk about their 4349075905734 houses in different countries.

I know a girl from YMCA that we'll call "Meg"
Meg is a spoiled brat. She likes talking about herself.
here is a conversation between her and another person in our volleyball camp. (meg in green)
"I got these new sunglasses."
"They're Juicy."
"Umm. Okay."
"All Juicy sunglasses are from Italy."
"ugh. You are getting to me. The only designer sunglasses I have are Prada and they're fake. There isn't even a logo. And I got it from a flea market for 5 bucks. They're a lot cuter than your Juicy sunglasses."

They really were.

I don't care if it's fake or if it's real, but if you want to buy them, just don't brag. Or show too much. It's like skin. Less is usually more.

No, I do not like to smell your feet while taking a test that goes for 1/3 my semester grade.

"But no one has ever complained!"
That's because no one has the guts to tell you.

Do you know how stinky some peoples' feet are?
Very stinky.
Last year in my math class, this guy who we will call "Bobert" would take his shoes off during class.
I had to sit in front of him at the time of a very important test that would determine if we'd go into algebra next year.
I was struggling in the class.

So. bobert takes his shoes off. The bottom of his sock was black. It stunk up the whole room. well, at least the desk.
"Bobert, put your friggin' shoes on. you're stinking up the place."
"my feet don't stink."
"YEAH, they do."
He put his shoes on, and once he did, everyone at my table literally took a deep breath in relief.

I passed the test. And when he put his shoes on, I realized that I got many mistakes. I was too distracted.
Now, he is in my algebra class. And all the other classes. And he is not stinking up the place anymore because he knows I will stab him with a pencil if he does.

I don't care if it's comfortable, unless you steam wash your feet every hour, then I don't want an excuse. Please be kind to people around you. that is...unless he/she is your enemy. Then feel free to take your shoes off.

Why do people enjoy sending negative energy?

This bugs me terribly. Being in middle school, this happens a lot. I am sad to say that I've had friends who insult you all the time, but they still rely on you to have their homework done, remind them, and help them out. And then one day came, and I did something.
I told them to shut up.

boy, did I feel good. :D

I had a friend. Let's call this friend "Annie." I won't say his/her gender, but I'll put it as a she.

So Annie and I were walking to a class. Annie decided to send negative energy.
"Why are you wearing nurses shoes?" to describe my white keds.
"Because I like nurse shoes."
"I think they're ugly."
"Oh, okay. Whatever floats your boat..I guess."
That didn't hurt me. But if I was more sensitive or this conversation happened when we were in first grade, I probably would have been hurt.

All that happens when you send negative energy is that it makes you look like a jerk.
You really think I don't have any nasty comebacks for what you say?
Sure, I do. I have a whole list of comebacks that will make you shudder, cry, get angry or even leave me alone for life. But I'm not going to give them, because it's not nice.

One thing I learned in middle school is that you have to have a spine. If you don't have one, good luck. because you're seriously going to get chewed up and spat on the ground.


Another thing I don't like is that popular kids think they have the ability to put someone down because they are "higher in rank."
Another example?
Glad you asked.
A real life experience?
Even better.

Let's say I'm talking to..."Jill." Jill is a really popular kid who I don't like and barely talk to because she's mean.
Jill walks by me while I'm sitting and walks into me.
"Oh look! It's Serena!"
(I look up at her thinking that she gave a really crappy insult)
"I'm just kidding, soraya."

Seriously. I know you know my name isn't Serena. I've heard you say my name for the past semester when we've had 3 classes together.

It's crude, it's rude and your targets can give a comeback if you really want one.

I don't like how people think it's socially acceptable to bring the dieting world into kids' lives.

You know, people are diet crazy. It's a given fact. But when this gets into a child's head...
you're asking for trouble.

Many teenagers and pre-teens are literally starving themselves, puking, going on crash diets or thrieving to be skinny. I'm not even saying thin, I'm saying skinny. The word itself. People are dying here. There are many things that have been heavily influencing why kids these days think this.

I know you have at looked into a Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Nylon, Lucky, ect. at least once in your life. If you have the money for a computer and internet connection, I think you're able to read a magazine, or at least look at the pictures. Which is what everyone does, anyways. There are editorials and photo shoots with very skinny models to an unatural healthy. It's promoting the desperation for losing weight.

Runway shows that are not for plus size fashions only have skinny models. A lot of people in fashion have to watch these shows for their jobs. Most kids who want a career in fashion are more likely to through some sort of eating disorder.

Don't believe me? Fine. But coming from a kid, another key factor for this is the kids' parents. You know, the ones on the diets themselves? By calling yourself fat, parents, you are giving your kids an image of "fat" to them. And usually, their weight will be similar to yours due to genetics. What does that mean? They'll be "fat" as adults, too. And they diet.

If you are overweight or obese according to your doctor, then there is no need to diet.

Losing weight is from diet and excersize.

my angry rant about art people wanting to close polyvore down.

This is my first post. and I want to discuss something that's been really bugging me.
Polyvore, a site that I practically live on is threatened to be sued by some sites, such as DeviantArt, Flickr, and Etsy. The issue is regarding these people are complaining that the members of Polyvore are "stealing" their images without any credit.
What's my opinion? I personally believe this is stupid. Here are some of the facts these sites have all wrong:
•People can import w/out permission
actually, you can have the site's domain to request that Polyvore won't allow any uploading from there.

•people are stealing their images
We are not stealing your images. We're using them as backdrop/add-ons/parts for our sets. No one has said that they made the images. And there's proof to that, which is in the next myth.

•they don't give any credit
First of all, whenever someone clips an item onto Polyvore, you can see an information page on whatever was loaded. There is a section with a SOURCE to the SITE that it came from. I don't know how that doesn't count as credit. It goes back to the specific page it was from on whatever site.
Let's give an example, shall we?

from what you see on the info on a pair of sunglasses I imported, you can click onto the site link and it will go right to where it was from. AND if you lower the screen, you can see a more items from this site option.
That's advertisement for you AND others!
(I showed the more from thing a little above the related section so you could see it. sorry for the blurry image..

there's a petition to keep the site open and one to close it down. I haven't signed either one, because honestly, online petitions never work. It's sad, but true.

PLEASE: If you are a member of those sites, don't hate Polyvore.