Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oooh. You just got dissed. Ooh. You're pissed. Oooh. You think it's okay to diss someone.

I think I stress this out way too much.

So I know "Stu."
He makes fun of people. He laughs at people.
Then when I'm around and I make fun of him, he gets all angry saying it's mean.
Stu says that I shouldn't be mean. But he's mean to others.

So I hear from "Madison" that he made fun of her. And called her a loser.
And that makes me mad. Especially since Madison is my friend. And I though Stu was my friend too. But I don't like jerks.

Stu changes. He calls people names. And he is cool, in his group. His tightly knit group. But he is vulnerable in the real world; where everyone is mean.

You don't know how bad it hurts, do you?

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