Monday, January 19, 2009

I never realized how many people are hypocrites without even knowing it.

Let's say you are sorta friends with..Jackie.
You hang out sometimes during lunch and you have known each other since 4th grade.
Your birthday is coming in 2 weeks and you send out invites. You invited about 15 people and Jackie is not one of those people because you're not as close to her.
A month later, her birthday comes up. And it's like one of those big parties, like a quinceniera, Bat/r Mitzvah, random party or Sweet Sixteen. And you don't get invited. but she invites people she talks to less than you.
Do you think it was fair?

After talking to my friend about how we didn't get invited but a lot of random people were, my friend kinda got pissed off.
I told her that she didn't invite the Jackie to her party. but she still gets angry.

And you shouldn't get angry, because you didn't invite her.
"But we hang out!"
She could have thought that when you didn't invite her.

okay. I think the anger is gone now.

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