Monday, August 17, 2009

I have a new least favorite word;



For people who do not know, I am vacationing in the lovely Vancouver, Canada at the moment. There is a lot of music from artists I have never heard of on like, the countdown & what not or on MTV & MuchMore (canadian VH1, kinda). So I listen, & I noticed that a lot of their music says shorty; the rap/hip-hop, rock, alternative, lame emo songs, pop all have it. It's really irritating actually.

Here is something as an example. This is a song named "Summer Girl" (creative name, eh?) by a Canadian group named Stereos:
(sorry for not posting the video directly, for some reason, the Youtube option thing is gone..blah.

Okay, that's my two cents. Slightly a short post, but I have some allergies right now & I have to go as well.

Any other words that irk you guys?

(this doesn't mean I am persuading anyone to not get this song, agree/disagree. the song is actually very, very catchy, but I am to express my own opinion)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

blaah. I have a headache.

I haven't blogged in a while..
& I am in canada. Since the 28th of July & I have nine days left..
Today, I took a vitamin. There was a lot of vit. a in it. I'm on accutane which has SO MUCH VITAMIN A. lol. So now I have a headache & backache. blaah.

Hm. What should I talk about..?

oooh. okay, so tonight, we're going out to this like, persian party. & I hate persian parties. lol. This is how persian parties usually go (me in green):
"Guess what?"
"We're going to a Persian Party!"
"What's wrong?"
"I don't like persian parties."
"Don't worry! There will be other kids your age."

other kids our age.

Usually, that means:
•kids who are younger
•people who don't talk
& my favorite:
•kids who think they are better than you.

OHMYGOD, I hate those kids. They're snobby, rich, & annoying. lol.

But hopefully the day will pass soon(:

(probably not)

Monday, April 27, 2009

my personality has been overpowered by my problems.

Sixth grade - very scared to go to middle school.
Had the best year I have ever had in my life.
Made many friends.
Gained the ones I lost.
Was carefree.
Was problem free.

Seventh grade - very excited to return to middle school.
Barely made any friends.
Lost some of the ones I lost.
Was a worry-wart.

Unfortunately, all my outside-of-school problems have largely affected my school life. It's like I'm bipolar or something..

I know I am not bipolar. I can still control my emotions. But I feel like I must be sad because I'm in some sad situations.
I just think I'm pissed because last week kind of sucked & I got a D- on my algebra test. If my parent find out...

I'm off to do some quiz corrections..

Monday, April 20, 2009

I love California. [photo heavy]

Thankfully, I am feeling a lot better compared to last week. & after buying some frozen yogurt this evening, my dad & I went for a drive to the beach..I may not like living in San Diego, but one thing I will miss when I am eighteen and move to NY is living less than 10 minutes away from the beach.
so I got my Blackberry out and started snapping some pictures.

(sorry for the low quality images, the phone runs on a 2.0 megapixel and the camera battery this was my last resort.)

Friday, April 17, 2009

What really is the purpose of this blog...?

When I started this blog, my main idea was to make it something that I can express my feeling on multiple subjects that are very debatable.
But lately, I feel like the blog is just used to vent out my sad thoughts in hope of my readers to feel sorry for me. I really lost the purpose of this site.

I'm just a sad kid. I have nothing special about me.

I thought there was something - something different about me than all the other people at my school. All the people who are mean, the people whom I hate. But truly, I am the exact same thing as them.
I lie to my friends.
I cancel last minute to be with someone I proclaim "more fun."
I harass people about my feelings.
I have low self esteem.
I bring out the worst in some people.
I am a target.
I don't really have anything going for me.
I speak like I know everything; I don't.
I am doing everything they want me to do:
I am making myself feel terrible.

& I don't know what my purpose really is right now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Everyone's different, some people just take things harder.

Meet hank. Hank has been a friend of mine since 6th grade. I do a lot for Hank, favor wise. Unfortunately, I don't get the same.
I ask him for a favor one time. He agrees to the favor. When I go to him during lunch to help me with my homework (which was the favor), he runs away in a joke manner. I almost got 0 for the day.
So the next day, he's all normal like nothing happened. I tell him I'm mad & why. He gets angry, tells people he's mad at me.
Is this really fair? This is someone who I thought was my friend, yet he fails to accomplish that role.
In english today, I ask one of his friends, who Hank once got mad at, about how long it will take for him to get back to normal.
"About a week....maybe two."
That made me mad. I am not going to let this happen. So what do I do? Ask him.
No response. So today is "day two" of ignorement.

What do you guys think on the subject?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Asian Folk? idk.

If you can't take somebody's opinions on this matter, leave.
Here is a great site you can go on instead.

I feel oh-so racist.
I'm caucasion, which is a fancy word that is meant not to be offensive for white. Which might have came to be obvious when I stated the above sentence. But I'm caucasion. so I can call myself whatever form I want.
Let's start this over...

I'm white.
My best friends are almost all Asians. I mean, Asians are cool, I guess.
They're smart, they're mostly quiet, they'
It's like the yellow to white ratio is outbeat. Meaning, do you ever feel a little out of place when you're hanging out with all these different people from you?
A few months ago, someone asked why I hang out with all these Asians.
I really didn't have an answer.

When I think of that person, I think of Jojo.
She is the strangest.
She sings in Japanese randomly, is obsessed with anime & erm. I don't know. She just gets to me.

I actually don't think this post really should be called this but I truly have nothing else to call it.
As I am typing, I fear that this is getting racist. Gee.

I don't want to lie, I think I want to start hanging out with friends that relate to me more. Instead of people who eat lunch in their seminar history class so they spend the whole lunch period in the library. They give me bad looks when I say I dropped out of the seminar program...