Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you know that feeling? when you feel like life isn't really doing anything for you?

My friends bother me.

I like to hang out with a lot of different groups of people. Today, I learned something. That is a bad idea. Why?
Because some people don't like my friends and vice versa.

June and Carl as an example.

June and I are real close.
And Carl is, like one of my top three closest guy friends.
They hate each other. Actually, a whopping 90% of the people I hang out with during lunch don't like Carl. He's those kinds of people who don't like certain people. And what do you do when they're fighting for you?
That is what I wanna know.

There's also Liz.
Liz wants me to do what she says. She doesn't like it when I'm with other people. I don't know why. She's psycho.

There's Bill. He is a hypocrite. He makes a big deal out of everything, too.

Why can't everyone get along?

This was a horribly crappy post. Sorry. I'm tired.
Good night.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am not going to let you treat me like s**t, but I still have to be there for you.

Meet, "Bobby."

He was cool last year. We were friends.
And then "Joey" came along. New to the school, only knowing a few people. I mentioned him on this blog before, I'm sure. and so, Joey and Bobby became "friends" and Bobby started doing what Joey did.

So this past year, Bobby has been bothering me, calling my name, ect. The list is really too long.
In the beginning of the year, he told me who he liked. One of my friends. And I never told anyone. I keep promises all the time.

So today, in English, we were assigned in groups to make a poster.
Guess who was in it?
Bobby and Joey.
Trouble times two.

They literally do nothing.
Two other guys and I do everything.

So they were bothering me again. I couldn't take it. This is how my anger reacted:
"Bobby; I am so sick and tired of all the crap you have been giving me. I could say something about you, but I'm not going to, because I have a lot of things to say that will make you cry. What people say about you."
"What did I do!?"
"Always calling me names, bothering me, treating me like s**t."
"Like when?"
"'Oh, I don't want to sit next to Soraya; she's icky' even though _____ was already sitting next to me."
"And you know what? If you bug me any more, I'm gonna tell ______ about your little secret."
"That was three months ago."
"so? I honestly don't give a care about you anymore."

He got afraid & started working. Because we know he still likes her. I got my payback. And if he does continue, I'm telling.
For sure.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In some places, you can't trust anyone. It sucks if one of those places is your room.

I have a wallet.
There's not a lot of money in it. But I have giftcards left from my birthday. tons of giftcards.
I lost my wallet.
Not really.
I just left it on my desk in my room and the wallet suddenly vanished. My mom goes in my room whenever I'm not home, which is about from 10 AM to 8 PM on weekends and 8 AM to 4 PM on weekdays. That is when she lurks into my room and "cleans"
It's not what I call cleaning.
I ask her to stop cleaning, because when she does, anything that involves money is gone.
Sucks, right?

So now I am looking for my wallet which included some receipts. If I find the wallet with no receipts, I will have a breakdown.

And I'm off to look.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please don't be so dang nosy.

Curiousity kills the cat.
There's a reason for that.

One of my friends, "Sam," always asks me why I'm doing something.

So we're at lunch, and I tell my friends to buy corn nuts and give me the bags.
And she goes.
"You'll see tomorrow."
So I lied and said I wanted to explode the bags so she would shut the frick up.

She's also an insane hypocrite.
It's really bad.

She said that two of our friends are overly-curious and they ask why she does something all the time. In my head, I was laughing.

Sorry this is such a short post. I am kinda busy with HW.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm feeling angry, left, and sad.

I have a friend named "Rose."
Rose and I sorta made plans for her to come over yesterday.

So yesterday (Sunday), one of my friends who is slightly more popular than I, was inviting people on her buddy list to go to the movies. I told her I couldn't go. I didn't say I had plans with Rose to my friend. Then, Rose's status message says something that made me pissed off.

"going to the MOVIES!!!! ttyl~"

I was like "you're kidding, right?"
Here's how the convo went:
"You're going to the movies, eh?"
"I thought you were coming over.."
"Oh. I know, but I got invited to go to the movies with ______ and yeah. Sorry."

Because of that, I had to reschedule my plans.
And the friend I invited over was 3 hours late.

Lately, Rose has been really bad. She left me for her popular friends. I guess it goes to show who your friends really are. And I think I've mentioned her on this blog before too.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm obsessed with appearances. I envy those who are happier. Even worse, I really envy those who look nice.

I like how I look, I really do.
I love how I dress.
But sometimes, I feel as if...I don't match up to all the other pretty, popular girls in my grade.
I'm those kinds of people who over-react with the slightest things.

I got a teeny zit near my ear. It took me like 20 minutes of convincing to leave the house.
Then, I see the girl in school who I envy.
She's really pretty. And thin. And happy, which is a plus.
Almost everyone falls over her, the guy I used to like even likes her.
There's only one person who hates her.
And he is a different story. Which I don't think I am allowed to talk abuot.

I don't really want to be popular. I just want, to look nice. Some people don't even see how hard it is to go through all the effort to look nice for some people.
Unfortunately, I am one of those people who needs to take 45 minutes to make myself presentable.
No, really.

I guess, one who has perks has to have something bad.
This girl doesn't treat some people nicely. Like one of those b**ches you see in the movies.

This post is kinda all over the place. Maybe I'm just tired.
So I'll catch a couple of zz's. I guess this post was my envy towards a girl.

And I think one of you readers who knows me personally has a guess.
And if it's who I think you are thinking, it's not her.

I learned something: If you have a problem, keep trying to solve it until it's solved.

Remember Frank?
We told on him again.

We moved seats. Me and my three friends are together and he got moved to the front.
Justice does well ;D

I was so angry, always complaining and acting miserable. Telling on him felt so good. Of course, he still hits on my friend, and occasionally me, but I can live with that.
I think, my real problem wasn't even him. I think the problem was those girls behind me. It was a little stupid to blame him for something he couldn't control. Those girls are stupid; I have to admit it.

I'm away from them.
And learning is a lot more fun. I don't think I'll be grieving math for a while. Unless, that empty seat next to my friend gets filled.

It's my brother's birthday!
I got a lot of cupcakes.
I think I'll cut this post short and get off now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You know when you feel like everything is made so it's against you? I feel like that right now.

I was having an okay day today. On my way to third period, I was talking to a friend and I told him that I had a feeling today would be bad.
Guess what?
It was horrible.
I was really excited for this food faire our school was doing. Food from all the school clubs. I even ordered my vegetarian Asian food plate in advance. The lunch period was even going to be one hour long instead of the usual 25 minutes.
Today, in the car, my dad said this:
"Guess what's happening on Friday?"
"Finally. What time?"
"About 12:30."
I go home. I log on AIM.
My friend messages me:
______________ (8:13:20 PM): are you excited about the food faire on friday?
Then, I realized that my dermatologist appointment is right in the beginning of the food fare.
I got really angry at my dad. I plead for him to change the time, at least.
I wouldn't mind skipping PE. I really wouldn't.

So now, I am sitting here, hoping he will change it so I can eat my vegetarian, Asian platter.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I think I officially found one of the most annoying people I have ever seen.

Meet "Frank."
Frank, an eighth grader, sits next to my best friend, who sits next to me, in a class.
By choice.
He is annoying and he's also really perverted. He puts his arm around us, sits on my friends' chair, talks about how much he loves her, and I would really go on about it. But I won't because I think you are getting the point. At least I hope you are.
Let's make matters worse, if I thought it couldn't get worse.
There are four eighth grade girls sitting behind me in math class.
I don't really know any of them, but I'm not really interested in getting to know any of them, since they are pretty bad from what I've seen this past semester. One of them already knows me, since I'm friends with her younger cousin.
Ever since Frank has been sitting there, the girls have been saying "penis" and "vagina" out of the blue.
Yeah, they really are that..ugh.
They also make fun of people, a lot. Like this one girl, she wore a ring on her ring finger and they were laughing about it. Wow. Big deal.

Today, I decided to stop it. I told on him and my friend did so too. We are green, Frank is that pink color, and my teacher is navy.
"Frank is bothering us!"
"No, I am just helping them with their class work."
"Ohh, I see. You two have to appreciate this help from Frank."
Then, he was like "I'm sorry. I'll be nice to you!"

She believed him! I would never believe that. And the girl in front of us was just giving a sorry face. I didn't pay attention, because I was looking at the empty seat next to her. Plus, she's my friend. I am not allowed to move there.

I wish the girls would stop snickering and Frank would leave.
But it's probably not going to happen. I guess I'll have to deal.

People who speak like a sailor make me feel uncomfortable.

Cursing bothers me. I don't really mind if whomever I am talking to does it once or twice. We all probably have cursed at least once in our lives.
I just don't like it when it's used a lot. I kinda feel like, the people I'm talking to don't really have respect for the subject they are talking about or they are insulting something they're talking about.
I don't even know how cursing came into place. I know there's always "shoot" and "crud" but in a way, it's the same thing. Just because one letter is different, doesn't change things. If you are using a word negatively, I still feel uncomfortable.

You want an example? I'd love to give one that I just made up.

"This guy is so f*cked up. He is a serious a** hole."

I remember making
many rants about negative energy. This is also negative energy, just in a different way.
In a way, I feel bad for the person cursing. They can't think of any sophisticated or intelligent words. Think of it like this; cursing is kind of like slang, bad slang.

Cursing = :P