Monday, January 12, 2009

my angry rant about art people wanting to close polyvore down.

This is my first post. and I want to discuss something that's been really bugging me.
Polyvore, a site that I practically live on is threatened to be sued by some sites, such as DeviantArt, Flickr, and Etsy. The issue is regarding these people are complaining that the members of Polyvore are "stealing" their images without any credit.
What's my opinion? I personally believe this is stupid. Here are some of the facts these sites have all wrong:
•People can import w/out permission
actually, you can have the site's domain to request that Polyvore won't allow any uploading from there.

•people are stealing their images
We are not stealing your images. We're using them as backdrop/add-ons/parts for our sets. No one has said that they made the images. And there's proof to that, which is in the next myth.

•they don't give any credit
First of all, whenever someone clips an item onto Polyvore, you can see an information page on whatever was loaded. There is a section with a SOURCE to the SITE that it came from. I don't know how that doesn't count as credit. It goes back to the specific page it was from on whatever site.
Let's give an example, shall we?

from what you see on the info on a pair of sunglasses I imported, you can click onto the site link and it will go right to where it was from. AND if you lower the screen, you can see a more items from this site option.
That's advertisement for you AND others!
(I showed the more from thing a little above the related section so you could see it. sorry for the blurry image..

there's a petition to keep the site open and one to close it down. I haven't signed either one, because honestly, online petitions never work. It's sad, but true.

PLEASE: If you are a member of those sites, don't hate Polyvore.


  1. Happy to be your first 'follower' on this blog!

    I was reading your other entries and thinking how level headed you were in the midst of your anger at life's injustices - can't say I have that much sense, even now... (I am OLD...) and THEN I realized you are a teenager...and of course, my head tried to sterotype you...sigh...

    ... couldn't do it - you just don't fit in the box...

    Thanks for your enlightening words - you are pretty amazing - completely outside of how many birthdays you may have had...

    Rant on...