Monday, January 12, 2009

There is nothing classy about showing off your wealth.

It's really pathetic.

Go to New York. You're going to see a ton of people with Chanel double C earrings, LV logo bags, and Coach print shoes.
They're all fake.
I bet you. Because 5 minutes ago, they were at vendor #5407 on 7th Ave selling all those fakes claiming they're real.

Go to a suburban city. Or a state that is very unpopular.
Go to...Wisconsin.
If you see that, it's real.
But it's trashy.
And a teenager is probably wearing it. People think these days that it's cool to have all these things with a logo. That shows off their "money." And especially when they talk about their 4349075905734 houses in different countries.

I know a girl from YMCA that we'll call "Meg"
Meg is a spoiled brat. She likes talking about herself.
here is a conversation between her and another person in our volleyball camp. (meg in green)
"I got these new sunglasses."
"They're Juicy."
"Umm. Okay."
"All Juicy sunglasses are from Italy."
"ugh. You are getting to me. The only designer sunglasses I have are Prada and they're fake. There isn't even a logo. And I got it from a flea market for 5 bucks. They're a lot cuter than your Juicy sunglasses."

They really were.

I don't care if it's fake or if it's real, but if you want to buy them, just don't brag. Or show too much. It's like skin. Less is usually more.

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