Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You know when you feel like everything is made so it's against you? I feel like that right now.

I was having an okay day today. On my way to third period, I was talking to a friend and I told him that I had a feeling today would be bad.
Guess what?
It was horrible.
I was really excited for this food faire our school was doing. Food from all the school clubs. I even ordered my vegetarian Asian food plate in advance. The lunch period was even going to be one hour long instead of the usual 25 minutes.
Today, in the car, my dad said this:
"Guess what's happening on Friday?"
"Finally. What time?"
"About 12:30."
I go home. I log on AIM.
My friend messages me:
______________ (8:13:20 PM): are you excited about the food faire on friday?
Then, I realized that my dermatologist appointment is right in the beginning of the food fare.
I got really angry at my dad. I plead for him to change the time, at least.
I wouldn't mind skipping PE. I really wouldn't.

So now, I am sitting here, hoping he will change it so I can eat my vegetarian, Asian platter.

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