Monday, February 23, 2009

I am not going to let you treat me like s**t, but I still have to be there for you.

Meet, "Bobby."

He was cool last year. We were friends.
And then "Joey" came along. New to the school, only knowing a few people. I mentioned him on this blog before, I'm sure. and so, Joey and Bobby became "friends" and Bobby started doing what Joey did.

So this past year, Bobby has been bothering me, calling my name, ect. The list is really too long.
In the beginning of the year, he told me who he liked. One of my friends. And I never told anyone. I keep promises all the time.

So today, in English, we were assigned in groups to make a poster.
Guess who was in it?
Bobby and Joey.
Trouble times two.

They literally do nothing.
Two other guys and I do everything.

So they were bothering me again. I couldn't take it. This is how my anger reacted:
"Bobby; I am so sick and tired of all the crap you have been giving me. I could say something about you, but I'm not going to, because I have a lot of things to say that will make you cry. What people say about you."
"What did I do!?"
"Always calling me names, bothering me, treating me like s**t."
"Like when?"
"'Oh, I don't want to sit next to Soraya; she's icky' even though _____ was already sitting next to me."
"And you know what? If you bug me any more, I'm gonna tell ______ about your little secret."
"That was three months ago."
"so? I honestly don't give a care about you anymore."

He got afraid & started working. Because we know he still likes her. I got my payback. And if he does continue, I'm telling.
For sure.

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