Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm feeling angry, left, and sad.

I have a friend named "Rose."
Rose and I sorta made plans for her to come over yesterday.

So yesterday (Sunday), one of my friends who is slightly more popular than I, was inviting people on her buddy list to go to the movies. I told her I couldn't go. I didn't say I had plans with Rose to my friend. Then, Rose's status message says something that made me pissed off.

"going to the MOVIES!!!! ttyl~"

I was like "you're kidding, right?"
Here's how the convo went:
"You're going to the movies, eh?"
"I thought you were coming over.."
"Oh. I know, but I got invited to go to the movies with ______ and yeah. Sorry."

Because of that, I had to reschedule my plans.
And the friend I invited over was 3 hours late.

Lately, Rose has been really bad. She left me for her popular friends. I guess it goes to show who your friends really are. And I think I've mentioned her on this blog before too.

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