Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I learned something: If you have a problem, keep trying to solve it until it's solved.

Remember Frank?
We told on him again.

We moved seats. Me and my three friends are together and he got moved to the front.
Justice does well ;D

I was so angry, always complaining and acting miserable. Telling on him felt so good. Of course, he still hits on my friend, and occasionally me, but I can live with that.
I think, my real problem wasn't even him. I think the problem was those girls behind me. It was a little stupid to blame him for something he couldn't control. Those girls are stupid; I have to admit it.

I'm away from them.
And learning is a lot more fun. I don't think I'll be grieving math for a while. Unless, that empty seat next to my friend gets filled.

It's my brother's birthday!
I got a lot of cupcakes.
I think I'll cut this post short and get off now.

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