Tuesday, February 3, 2009

People who speak like a sailor make me feel uncomfortable.

Cursing bothers me. I don't really mind if whomever I am talking to does it once or twice. We all probably have cursed at least once in our lives.
I just don't like it when it's used a lot. I kinda feel like, the people I'm talking to don't really have respect for the subject they are talking about or they are insulting something they're talking about.
I don't even know how cursing came into place. I know there's always "shoot" and "crud" but in a way, it's the same thing. Just because one letter is different, doesn't change things. If you are using a word negatively, I still feel uncomfortable.

You want an example? I'd love to give one that I just made up.

"This guy is so f*cked up. He is a serious a** hole."

I remember making
many rants about negative energy. This is also negative energy, just in a different way.
In a way, I feel bad for the person cursing. They can't think of any sophisticated or intelligent words. Think of it like this; cursing is kind of like slang, bad slang.

Cursing = :P

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