Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you know that feeling? when you feel like life isn't really doing anything for you?

My friends bother me.

I like to hang out with a lot of different groups of people. Today, I learned something. That is a bad idea. Why?
Because some people don't like my friends and vice versa.

June and Carl as an example.

June and I are real close.
And Carl is, like one of my top three closest guy friends.
They hate each other. Actually, a whopping 90% of the people I hang out with during lunch don't like Carl. He's those kinds of people who don't like certain people. And what do you do when they're fighting for you?
That is what I wanna know.

There's also Liz.
Liz wants me to do what she says. She doesn't like it when I'm with other people. I don't know why. She's psycho.

There's Bill. He is a hypocrite. He makes a big deal out of everything, too.

Why can't everyone get along?

This was a horribly crappy post. Sorry. I'm tired.
Good night.

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