Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes, it's easy to tell if you are appreciated. Sometimes, it's not.

I have a "friend." Her name is Bobilina..
so we've known each other for a while, she's been to my birthday party, I've been to hers, ect.
In 6th grade, mid-year, she never talked to me. I tried talking/texting to her but for some reason, she never responded. Until a few weeks ago. She started texting me, calling me, and saying that she misses me & we should hang out.
She was texting all day, but I didn't want to seem to needy so I said I had to go. I kind of did anyways.
& I'm not going to lie, she is more popular than me. So I felt that she didn't talk to me because I wasn't in "her rank." But this year, I'm more I feel that she's talking to me in result of that.
The thing that sucks is that I really liked her back then..& I had to see her change being the worse part.
Another thing is, my friend told me that a lot of people at school don't want to be her friend anymore & don't want to talk to her, because of one her relatives'. So maybe that's it.
But the most part of me..thinks that this is true and wants to really start hanging out with me.

But at least, I don't have to be home next Saturday ;)

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