Monday, April 27, 2009

my personality has been overpowered by my problems.

Sixth grade - very scared to go to middle school.
Had the best year I have ever had in my life.
Made many friends.
Gained the ones I lost.
Was carefree.
Was problem free.

Seventh grade - very excited to return to middle school.
Barely made any friends.
Lost some of the ones I lost.
Was a worry-wart.

Unfortunately, all my outside-of-school problems have largely affected my school life. It's like I'm bipolar or something..

I know I am not bipolar. I can still control my emotions. But I feel like I must be sad because I'm in some sad situations.
I just think I'm pissed because last week kind of sucked & I got a D- on my algebra test. If my parent find out...

I'm off to do some quiz corrections..

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