Monday, April 13, 2009

Asian Folk? idk.

If you can't take somebody's opinions on this matter, leave.
Here is a great site you can go on instead.

I feel oh-so racist.
I'm caucasion, which is a fancy word that is meant not to be offensive for white. Which might have came to be obvious when I stated the above sentence. But I'm caucasion. so I can call myself whatever form I want.
Let's start this over...

I'm white.
My best friends are almost all Asians. I mean, Asians are cool, I guess.
They're smart, they're mostly quiet, they'
It's like the yellow to white ratio is outbeat. Meaning, do you ever feel a little out of place when you're hanging out with all these different people from you?
A few months ago, someone asked why I hang out with all these Asians.
I really didn't have an answer.

When I think of that person, I think of Jojo.
She is the strangest.
She sings in Japanese randomly, is obsessed with anime & erm. I don't know. She just gets to me.

I actually don't think this post really should be called this but I truly have nothing else to call it.
As I am typing, I fear that this is getting racist. Gee.

I don't want to lie, I think I want to start hanging out with friends that relate to me more. Instead of people who eat lunch in their seminar history class so they spend the whole lunch period in the library. They give me bad looks when I say I dropped out of the seminar program...

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  1. I agree. You can't all just have Asians. I don't like it when there are too many Asians around me, either. :P