Monday, August 17, 2009

I have a new least favorite word;



For people who do not know, I am vacationing in the lovely Vancouver, Canada at the moment. There is a lot of music from artists I have never heard of on like, the countdown & what not or on MTV & MuchMore (canadian VH1, kinda). So I listen, & I noticed that a lot of their music says shorty; the rap/hip-hop, rock, alternative, lame emo songs, pop all have it. It's really irritating actually.

Here is something as an example. This is a song named "Summer Girl" (creative name, eh?) by a Canadian group named Stereos:
(sorry for not posting the video directly, for some reason, the Youtube option thing is gone..blah.

Okay, that's my two cents. Slightly a short post, but I have some allergies right now & I have to go as well.

Any other words that irk you guys?

(this doesn't mean I am persuading anyone to not get this song, agree/disagree. the song is actually very, very catchy, but I am to express my own opinion)

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