Saturday, March 14, 2009

When you're feeling weak, you want to rant everything out.

In the past year, I have had a lot of problems with my friends. Some things have been easy to let go of - some, I think otherwise.
I had a really good friend in sixth grade, let's call him Kevin. We told each oter everything, and I hung out with him more than I hung out with my two best friends. If they saw this, they would instantly know who. This is why I am not telling them.
The reason I hung out with him more is because I felt safer saying stuff to him rather than my two friends who either criticize everything I say, or they don't really care. This year, we only have one class together. So we grew apart. A lot of things happened to him this ear regarding school & his grades. And he didn't tell me any of it. I kinda felt betrayed. So one day, he got on AIM. He goes on maybe once every 4 months. I don't think he has a big buddy list, so there's not a lot of people to talk to. You know what I did?
I jumped right in to talk to him.

I would have copied the conversation onto here, but I'm using a different computer. The day I talked to him was the day I got my computer virus. Right after I logged off, my computer shut off and won't open unless we pay for some fancy computer repair costing about 300 dollars.

We talked about how I am never told anything. I swear, I sounded like pissed off girlfriend. But eventually, I got somewhere. I was having such a bad day, that I used him to vent about everything happening; the problems with my friends, grades, and what happened to him.
...then, I realized I said a sentence too much. I said a thing I don't want to say. I made a very, very horrible comment about one of my friends. I lost my control. I was happy enough to hear that he won't tell. That's what a friend is.
You may have friends who are way distant, but you can still mantain a good friendship.

I really miss last year. The school year has been doing no good for me. There are only fourteen more weeks left until summer. And I am gonna spend that summer well.

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